Beau with a new toy.

To see some of our rescues waiting for a new start, click here.  You can request more information or an application form by clicking on the “Ask about” link on the pet’s page.

You can also request an application form by sending an e-mail to:

About adopting a companion from us: 

The mission of our adoptions program is to place healthy animals into loving, responsible homes.  All of our animals have been evaluated for temperament, have received necessary medical treatment, are up to date on vaccinations, and are microchipped.  All animals are spayed or neutered prior to placement:  no exceptions.  

Since we intend for all our adopted dogs to be canine ambassadors, we insist that adopting families commit to continued training.  

Anyone considering adopting a pit bull should be thoroughly familiar with the characteristics of this type of dog before adopting.  Pit bulls make loving, loyal companions.  The true pit bull temperament has nothing to do with the monster myths perpetuated by irresponsible or cruel people and sensationalistic media treatment.  Animal Farm Foundation offers excellent information and resources for those who care for pit bulls and for those just learning about them. 

For detailed information about our adaption requirements, please click here.  

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