A critical part of our mission involves rescue and rehabilitation of abused or abandoned dogs.  Here are just a few before and after photos:


Amber, seized by animal control from an abusive owner; rescued by St. Francis.

Amber before rescue . . . chained up with another dog, often unable to move more than a foot or so.



Amber at the veterinarian after leaving the shelter


Amber after recovery. . . 


Happy, healthy, playfully energetic . . .   and running in her yard.



Angel was awarded to us by the court after Animal Control removed her from owners whose neglect had done life-threatening damage.


Angel plays in the pool after a year and a half of treatment and care.

How could we resist this face?  


We pulled Bug from the shelter hours before he was to be euthanized.  He was heartworm positive and had ears filled with scar tissue from a chronic untreated ear infection.  


A fully recovered Bug gets a dream come true:  loving parents and his very own comfy bed. 

In her Animal Control i.d. photo, Oreo displays the “pancake” behavior characteristic of many abused and puppy mill dogs--flattening against the ground, too stressed to respond or move out of her kennel.   


Once Oreo was with St. Francis, experienced and compassionate dog handler Jeffrey Connolly worked his magic on her.

© Ann Doyle-Anderson 2018