Why Spay or Neuter?


Melissa and her pups were lucky.  Millions of others aren’t.

Hungry and exhausted, a pregnant Melissa was wandering the streets when the police picked her up and took her to the shelter.  Since she was a pit bull and pregnant, she was scheduled for euthanasia.  A shelter worker called St. Francis instead, and we were able to get her to safety. In this photograph she leans on her foster mom.


According to the Humane Society of the United States, around six million pets end up in shelters each year.  Three to four million never make it out of the shelter alive.  Pregnant females are often euthanized because shelter workers cannot care for the puppies.  Pit bulls are especially vulnerable; many shelters euthanize them automatically.  

On average, the Nacogdoches shelter alone takes in over 4,500 unwanted dogs and cats; over half of them are euthanized. According to the ASPCA, sterilization programs are “the best antidote to the mass euthanasia of cats and dogs resulting from overpopulation."

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