Adoptable Charlie Brown:  A Lab, not a pit bull, but still a heck of a good dog!

We believe that the key to a happy adoption is finding the right match between a rescued pet and a new family. Each adoption follows the steps outlined below. Taking time in the beginning helps ensure that things go smoothly when the pet goes to a new home.

Potential adopters fill out an adoption application as a first step. If you are interested in adopting, just send us an e-mail, and we’ll e-mail you back an application. You can fill it out on the computer (most people just use the “bold” or highlight feature where the form calls for circling), or you can fax it to us; or send it by snail mail–whichever you prefer.

Our adoption committee reviews the application. If the application shows that we have found a match, we arrange a meeting between potential adopters and pets. It is very important to us that everyone, including pets already in the home, have a chance to interact with the new canine or feline family member.

We do a home visit prior to adoption. If all goes well, and everyone agrees that we have found a good match, we finalize the adoption with a contract. It should be noted that an approved application is only the first step; all steps must be followed and the contract signed for the adoption to be considered complete.

With the adoption contract, we ask an adoption fee of $175.00 for dogs, $75.00 for cats. All our pets are spayed or neutered and microchipped, free of parasites, heartworm negative, and up to date on vaccinations. All dogs receive regular heartworm preventative. We also have our veterinarian do a final examination before adoption and provide veterinary records. On adoption, we give you the next month’s heartworm preventative and/or flea/tick treatment free.

Our adoptable pets are listed on Petfinder: click here to find your new best friend!