Gus wanted us to remind you that we are a 501(c)(3) animal rescue, so your donation is tax deductible!

We’ll make it easy! Here’s a Paypal button. You don’t have to have a Paypal account: credit cards gratefully accepted.

Do you shop online at Amazon? Go to AmazonSmile, and Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase price to help the animals of St. Francis!

But wait! You also can shop at Walmart, Petsmart, and dozens of other online sites through Adopt-A-Shelter. We receive a donation of a percentage of your purchases.

Wonder where your money goes?

When you donate to St. Francis Rescue, you help pay for:

Beethoven’s ultrasound (Note:  he’s not sedated; he’s just a good dog);

Sam’s surgery (he had a TPLO, and has recovered fully);

Angel’s surgery, rehab and heartworm treatment;

The allergy injections that keep Sundance gorgeous (and not itchy!);

and Penny’s high quality diet. We think of it as rocket fuel.

Photograph of Penny by Bill Redhawk

You DON’T pay for:

Salaries:  We are all volunteers.  KC, our office manager, works for free.  He also doubles as a chair warmer.  

Rent:  We’re foster based.  

Celebrity endorsements:  Gus works for jerky treats.  

Bottom line:  when you donate to us,
your money goes to the dogs.